typical breakfast of cafe con leche, spanish tortilla and fresh squeezed oj
typical snacks in my pack in case we cant find lunch on the trail.the bakerys are great here and i stop when i see one(pink wrapped item).
seeing stork nests on ancient churches is common here. The Spanish love storks, there are even pedistals built for storks to nest on.



I need to confess, especially after all the smiling selfies, that there has been some struggle for me on the Camino. I’ve had some blisters but also some tendonitus in one foot. this foot has been swollen (causing more blisters) and i needed some bigger shoes. This led to an unexpected Camino experience, the shopping center. My wonderful salesman kept suggestion the hot pink one was a good choice fo me. i resisted for a while, but in the end he was right.
hanging out with Bob and Jan
the stained glass in this 12th century cathedral in Leon is crazy beautiful. The whole building is an inspiration.
Faith and the resting perigrino

these little Hobbit holes in the hills are everywhere. Some are very old, they are wine and food storage cellars.
We had a great time running into Faith at the animal farm. i met Faith in Minneapolis before the trip. we also shared this enjoyable meal with Peter from Montreal and Bob from Atlanta
Michelle from France at another of our favorite albergues, Gaia, in Mansilla de las Mullas
This is my pilgrim passport. I need this document to stay at Albergues or pilgrim hostels. Each place i stop adds a stamp and creates a record of my journey.

The not to be missed albergue Amanecer in the town Villarmentaro de Campos. Run with love by this dutch man.
Andreas hanging out with the donkey, baby ducks, chickens…
we had a great group meal here, there were instruments to be played and the music went on into the night. i dare you to watch the baby duck video just once.
our little cabin for the night

the fantastic garden, sculptures and wall paintins at the Albergue En El Camino in Boadilla del Camino
walking with Imelda from Scotland
canals around Fromista
Iglasia de San Martin church in Fromista consecrated in 1066. Fantastic stone sculpture on the pillars

the remains of San Anton, a convent founded in 1146
spent a great day walking with Bev and John from New Zealand

sometimes the way looks endless
everything I have including my lunch
the beautiful town of Hontanas
enjoying our time with Verena from Switzerland


a statue in homage to the tired pilgrim, I relate
the smaller church, Iglesia de San Nicolas, 15th century
the beautiful and massive Catedral de Santa Maria started in the 13th century